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Taking a summer break, see you back on the mat in Sept 2023.


What does it mean?

Kar Seva is one of the most significant teachings of Sikhism, that is, the selfless service of others.
I believe that the practice of selfless yoga combines mind and body which improve inner energy and creativity. But what can be done with the big energy? The answer is very simple: I use that energy and creativity for others by sharing yoga. Share what I have- Some of my yoga class profits are distributed to different NGOs. 

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A Home for Yoga Lovers

Parmeet is a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga teacher with RYT 200hrs Yoga Alliance certification from Rishikesh, India. Her yoga practice has always remained as a novice student who learns new things at each practice.  She Practices the Advice of Her Teacher-The one must understand the basic foundation of yoga before going further into the various subjects of yogic study-Pranayama, Meditation, Asanas, Alignments and Yogic Philosophy.

Currently, she's based in Cognac, France. She offers her yoga class at Corporate groups, Foundations- Care project, Private, Online. Her teaching method is traditional yet modified and merged on Ashtanga and Hatha yoga with a touch of Kalarippayat martial art for all levels. She directs her class by paying close attention to the details using yoga accessories to ensure alignment with the modification to the needs of the participants. All her classes are more focused on alignment and breathing as a complete experiment, than just an hour of physical practice.

To allow each human body to experience the movement of yoga. 

She is also a young mother who had a C-section and was fortunate enough to have a daughter. She shares her own practice of prenatal and postpartum yoga upon request. 

To mention just a few of her gurus (teachers).

Yog Teachers:  Mr BIPIN BALONI (Rishikul Yogashala),

Mr Prashant Jakhmola (KPJAYI and Yoga Vidya School),

Mr Manjot Rawat (Mimamsa Yogshala)

Ms Deepa Negi Mira and Guru Swami Atma( Medidation and Yogic Philosophy), Ms Ekta Ghale(Iyengar-Patanjala Yoga Kendra) .

Adam Phillips (Kalarippayat - Koh Phangan) guru list is endless.

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